My fears.


Everytime we talk about fears

I have something new to add

Heights, certain creatures, tiny spaces

And although these are very true

It’s losing and hurting someone like you

(aka the people I love)

That I fear the most

I break into a sprint when

Having to face my nightmares


I end up on tall cliffs

Amidst strange dark creatures

While the world folds onto itself

I’m trapped in a cycle where

I run away from my fears and still

End up having to look them in the eyes

You’re standing right in front of me

With a weak smile and a sliver of hope

That I’ll walk up to you and say hello

But my mouth is full of worries

So I smile back

But instead of running

I slowly tread away.

I’m taking small steps

And some day my nightmares

Will chip off like old paint

But it will take a while for me

To learn how to breathe at higher altitudes

To admire surreal beings

To appreciate the tranquility hidden in niches

And to love you without fretting over

What will become of us.


A little list of things that makes me revisit something

As someone who loves spending every waking hour reading books or watching movies and T.V. shows I’m always worried about how there is so much good content I will miss out on.

Despite that I don’t hesitate from rewatching and rereading stuff.

Here’s a compilation of a few things that make me do so :

1) Puns.

Be it an advertisement by print or a video on youtube if there is a note of something punny in the work I go back to it and admire the puns.

2) Suspense.

After I close a book that was a
tumultuous journey I take a deep breathe and plan out when I’ll read that book again and outsmart the author before the author can outsmart me.

But if you keep throwing only cliff-
hangers my way I will happily jump off
the cliffs than enjoy them.

3)Unsaturated cliche.

Thanks to all the books, movies and
shows that I’ve watched before if the
same battered storyline is repeated
without any hint of freshness I am so
going to tear open the doors of the
elevator before the couple has their
buttons flying around.

But if the same story is presented in a new and relevant manner, I’m going to be all smiles at the dancing in the rain too.

4) Relevant issues being addressed.

It could be an animated series or a comic strip but if the character faces problems that are considered trivial but are relatable, like being bullied or having relationship issues; it will not just grasp my attention but also get me thinking and catching feels for the character.

5) Sarcasm.

This is one tool with a plethora of uses.
The most serious and also the most
insignificant things can be expressed
effectively using sarcasm. But then
people need to understand it, which can be a rarity.

6) Simplicity.

7) Me being a good audience.

Whenever I’ve been patient with a book or a movie having a slow pace, in most casesI have been rewarded with the most breathtaking of experiences.

I am so grateful for all the art work out there it adds so much meaning to my life and makes it beautiful.

To every book or poem I’ve read and movie, T.V. show, video, drama I’ve watched and every song I’ve heard and paintings I’ve admired ,

Thank you for existing.

The constant cribber

At times I don’t quite know

Why I feel the way I do

When everything is going fine

I still feel a little blue

I’m unaware of the questions

But still scavenge for answers

I strangely rummage for thorns

Instead of admiring the flowers

I’m stuck in a wacky loop

Of confusion, with no escapes

Or maybe, I’m a free creature

But my mind is the maze

Inside my head

My head seems to be

Full of rusted clockwork

It’s a dust filled chamber

Where my demons lurk

It takes great effort to make

The gears click into action

But then there is cacophony

From all the vigorous friction

So I abruptly halt the machinery

And frantically search for peace

But what follows is a feeling

Of emptiness that does not cease

Now I’m stuck in a cycle

Of chaos and calm

Noise or silence, which one

Is toxic and which is a balm?

I donno. I just don’t know.